wants & needs // Public School

Blue Cotton Oxford Flannel
Woven Combo Stripe
Shawl Collar Cardigan with Elbow Patch
Wool Sweater with Leather Sleeve

Jacqaurd Sweater

Raglan Sleeve Crewneck

Public School is a New York based label that I had heard of long time ago and that a friend showed me again recently. These are really dream pieces. I think that labels like Public School really blur the line between art and clothing, form and function. They set themselves apart with this interesting and refreshing mix of fabric and design. Many designers: givenchy, marc jacobs and the lot are all doing the same thing, but Public School seems to stand on its own. That quiet, confident one in the background that everyone notices and talks about, but cannot approach. Truly amazing-

Until next time, rm 


wants & needs // Brownbreath

G.A.D. Crewneck MG- Navy

DI Down Parka- Khaki

Speak Wool Cap

Wizard.P Bora Bora

5th Anniversary Book B

One of the best brands that I saw during my stay in Korea. I was so excited to see them on Hypebeast, and
decided to do a shout-out and pick out some of my favorites. I really think that this brand is doing really good thins for the streetwear culture in Korea and it's exciting to see the brand grow out of the motherland! I remember talking to the store manager about someday seeing the brand in the States, and I hope that happens soon!

until next time rm


take the left

Today I decided to take the left. These photos were taken at a park of sorts that 
I pass on a regular basis. In my fours years at this school and in this area, not
once have I made the left. But today I did and boy was it worth it. Yeah, the forest
was a little decrepit, the ground a little soggy, but there for the first time in a long
time, I remembered to breathe. When was the last time you took the left?

until next time,


sweater weather

Cable-Knit Crew Neck by Gant Rugger// Lightweight Kennedy Chino by Club Monaco // Slim broken-in pocket tee by J.Crew // Kenton Suede Bucks by J.Crew // Miansai Bracelet

Colorname Sweatshirt by Marc by Marc Jacobs // 484 Slim-fit Selvedge Jeans by J.Crew // Padded Parka by H&M // 6-inch Boot by Red Wing Heritage Collection 

Sweater weather is upon us. Here are some of my favorite pieces from this season and in general. Why do I love sweaters? I think it has something to do with the face that I think that they cover up my unsightly body better than other pieces. If I feel that way many of you probably do too. HAH. But really, we ought to wear things that flatter us and bring out the best our bodies have to offer.

until next time
yours truly,


into the woods

I had the pleasure of going into the woods this weekend for a short and very sweet
trip with some new and old friends. These are just some pictures that sum up
my weekend and probably the way I feel as of recent.

I took all these pictures with my iPhone 5, edited on the famous vsco cam, and I
must say that I am always impressed by the quality of pictures that is possible
with this device. Not saying these are of superb quality, but I guess there is potential.

I am very thankful for the milieu of opportunities that I have in this life. Opportunities to see odd and beautiful things, to grow as a human being, to experience things that are much larger than I. I am extremely aware of the fact that much of my life experiences and thoughtful understandings of the things happening around me have been compacted in the last 5 years, and am equally conscious of how much I have yet to learn.

until next time


Peter Ho Photography x Rawmin

Ray Ban / Jcrew Tie / J.Crew Button Up /
Tommy Hilfiger Suit / Banana Republic Penny loafers

Refrain from the mean comments

my tie is sticking out
These photos were all taken by a very talented photographer and friend, Peter Ho. He is a recent grad from Savannah College of Art and Design, and he does have some sick work- with me most likely being his masterpiece. Check him out at Peterhostudio.com

I think that suits are something that make people look a lot more sophisticated than they probably are , as you can see. That being said, I do understand that the fit of the jacket is not perfect, but I don't think I can do much about it right now. Also, this is my very first suit! I got it because I had an interview opportunity with Sid Mashburn and had to hurry out to get this. Nothing special, I think I picked it up from Macy's on-sale and got it tailored through their tailor, but they did a bad job so I went back to a local alterations. 

Until next time